Our mission is to make digital sponsorship an effective alternative to programmatic advertisement

Sponsorama was born from the need of an alternative form of funding for makers. The explosion of ad-blockers revealed an increasing discontent towards programmatic online advertisement. On the other side, recurring crowdfunding can yield decent paychecks only in rare cases and it doesn't always represent a viable choice for every project.

In this context, Sponsorama wants to take the best from both advertising and crowdfunding and rediscover sponsorship as an ideal funding opportunity for the web era.

Company Overview

Sponsorama was founded in July 2016 by Mario Casciaro and John Brett with the goal to change how projects, events and other initiatives are funded.

Both Mario and John have a strong technical background, and have worked in several roles in companies big and small before joining together to create Sponsorama. Both Mario and John are authors of two different internationally published technical books.

Sponsorama is proudly bootstrapped and it doesn't report to any institutional investor but just to the projects, makers, companies, organizations and users it serves.

If you have any questions please contact us through one of the following channels:

Founding Team
Mario Casciaro
John Brett

Many thanks to the Bank of Ireland Workbench in Gran Canal Square, Dublin, for providing a top-notch coworking space.

The Sponsorama logo was designed by Zbigniew Mrowinski.

A huge ♥ to the many Open Source authors and maintainers who make Sponsorama and many other projects around the world possible.