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Connect with brands, manage your campaigns, simplify your workflow

A simplified sponsorship experience
Connect with the smartest brands on our networking platform
Stay organized with your campaigns dashboard
Communicate with internal messaging
Get notified about deadlines and important updates
Engage with your audience on your public profile page
From offer to go live in minutes with our integrated payments
Sponsorfund any project
Video and YouTube
Books and eBooks
Curated newsletters
Open Source
Social Media
Physical devices
Free and Freemium SaaS
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Events and conferences
Making sponsorship as engaging as crowdfunding
The Sponsorama Mission, sponsors love projects, who love users, who in turn love sponsors.

Modern advertisement has kept people outside of the loop for too long.

Sponsorama wants to blend the simplicity and transparency of the crowfunding experience with the power of corporate sponsorship.

How it works: Projects
Find your perfect sponsors
Create a project page on the Sponsorama marketplace, define your sponsorship packages, set your price, connect your PayPal or Stripe account and you are ready to get sponsored!
Get sponsored
Accept or reject sponsorship offers straight from your Sponsorama account. Payments will be transferred directly into your PayPal or Stripe account, no need to withdraw from Sponsorama.
Organize your campaigns
You've got sponsors, now it's time to give them their rewards and keep them engaged and up to date. Communicate with them on Sponsorama, keep the campaign status up-to-date and be ready to surprise them.
How it works: Companies and brands
Be loved through the projects you sponsor
Find the perfect match
Sponsorama has a curated list of innovative, forward-thinking and inspiring projects, it's easy to find the one that fits your company mission.
Sponsor a project
Sponsorama makes sponsorship easy and painless. Once you've found a project to sponsor, select a sponsorship package and simply go through the checkout. Done!
Organize your campaigns
Get an overview of all the campaigns you are running, know each start-date and end-date, get notified for important updates and get reminders about important things to do. No more excel spreadsheet!
There is a lot more...
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