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What is Sponsorama?

Sponsorama blends the simplicity and engagement of the crowfunding experience with the marketing potential of digital sponsorship. We call it sponsorfunding.

Sponsorfund any digital project
Sponsorship requires care and that takes time
Sponsorama frees you from the inefficiencies of sponsorship, so you can focus on what you do best
Sponsor or receive sponsorship offers directly on the marketplace
Stay organized with your campaigns dashboard
Communicate with internal messaging
Get notified about deadlines and important updates
Engage with your audience on your public profile page
From offer to go live in minutes with our integrated payments
Join Sponsorama, it's free
Sponsorama for projects accepting sponsors

You are a maker, a content creator or an entrepreneur and have a project you want to monetize with the support of sponsors. On Sponsorama you will seamlessly put your project in front of potential sponsors, accept sponsorship offers and manage your campaigns without efforts.

Free to join. 0% service fee.

Sponsorama for brands who want to sponsor

You are a company and want to leverage sponsorship to promote your products and services but most importantly boost your brand awareness. On Sponsorama you can access a curated list of projects ready to sponsor, no more searching or long negotiations. Just a few clicks and you are a sponsor!

Free to join. 5% service fee when sponsoring a project.

Some awesome sponsors are already on Sponsorama